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18 June 2021

Recently I've been using Vite (pronounced /vit/) when starting up my new projects, specifically Vite 2.0. Vite is an easy to use build tool like Create React App but supports many libraries and frameworks, with the below templates in Javascript and Typescript:


It provides a much faster local development experience as usual, due to its utilisation of native ES modules and esbuild. Esbuild is an extremely fast bundler written in Go which is 10-100x faster than other bundlers. This leads to a start-up time of 100ms and hot module reloading of under 50ms. Vite also supports React's fast refresh through its plugin system via @vitejs/plugin-react-refresh.

It's All Supported

Typescript (.ts and .tsx) files are also supported out of the box with no configuration. The only caveat being JSX can only be used in .tsx and .jsx files - not .js out of the box. So are CSS Modules by just importing a .module.css file, and image files of course. All you need to do to get CSS Pre-processors like Sass and Less working is to install the packages::

# .scss and .sass
npm install -D sass

# .less
npm install -D less

It even supports the loading of Web Workers and Web Assembly out of the box:

// Web Workers
import Worker from "./worker.js?worker";

const worker = new MyWorker();

// Web Assembly
import init from "./example.wasm";

init().then((exports) => {

If you want to learn more about what's supported, checkout Vite's guide.


In production, Vite uses pre-configured Rollup which uses native ESModules. Although, if you want to support older browsers like IE11 you can do so by just including the official @vitejs/plugin-legacy. This plugin also includes these polyfills if the browser requires them, allowing everyone to get the best experience regardless of the platform.

Easy to Use

Most importantly, Vite is quick to set up and use with everything just working. Because of how fast local development is, I have found it to be a lot quicker (and more fun) to try out a new package in Vite when compared to Create React App, or even Nextjs when its features aren't needed.

If you want to try it out you can get started with the CLI by typing npm init @vitejs/app or yarn create @vitejs/app, and be sure to let me know what you think.

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